Meet LanguageTool for macOS

LanguageTool for macOS is a personal assistant that checks your writing for grammar mistakes and helps you find the perfect tone for your messages. It is available for various applications such as Apple Mail, Slack, and Messages.

What is LanguageTool?

LanguageTool is a tool that ensures your writing is clear, accurate, and appropriately conveyed. It helps with crafting important emails and messaging friends.

Main Features

  • Grammar Checker: LanguageTool scans your text and catches common and advanced grammar errors.
  • Tone Detection: LanguageTool assesses the tone of your message to ensure it resonates with the intended emotion and impact.

Additional Perks

  • Premium Benefits: LanguageTool offers a Premium version with extended capabilities, including unlimited paraphrasing.
  • Apps & Add-ons: LanguageTool offers browser add-ons, including one for Chrome, to seamlessly integrate with your online writing.


LanguageTool for macOS enhances your writing capabilities and provides confidence in your writing. However, human proofreading is still important for highly-polished writing.

External Resources

Visit LanguageTool's official website for more information on features, pricing, and support for browser add-ons.