MagickPen is a writing assistant powered by ChatGPT. It offers fast and efficient writing services using GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models.

Write Anything in Seconds

MagickPen can help with various writing tasks, including article writing, article outline writing, article polishing, title generation, summarization, creative writing prompts, and more.


MagickPen provides writing services for educational purposes, such as essay writing, research paper writing, syllabus writing, test paper generation, scientific paper writing, grammar check, report generation, slideshow creation, learning plans, lab reports, educational game generation, quizzes, homework help, math problem solving, and lesson plans.


MagickPen offers assistance in parenting-related writing tasks, such as habit planning, travel planning, recipe creation, parenting encyclopedia, fitness plans, meal plans, mental counseling, holiday greetings, and pet training.


MagickPen provides writing services for businesses, including business name generation, SWOT analysis, OKR generation, work plans, resume and cover letter writing, job description creation, market analysis reports, investment proposals, business plans, product launch checklists, risk management plans, social media strategies, branding strategies, business idea action plans, weekly reports, PRD contracts, and more.

MagickPen offers legal writing services, such as privacy policy generation, terms of use generation, GDPR and data retention policies, legal advice, legal memo generation, non-disclosure agreements, demand letters, engagement letter creation, and settlement agreements.


MagickPen provides support-related writing services, including FAQ generation, customer review responses, and support documentation creation.


MagickPen offers coding-related writing services, such as code generation, bug fixing, code improvement, code explanation, code review, code simplification, regex generation, SQL generation, Tailwind component generation, terminal command generation, LeetCode solutions, blockchain code generation, Makefile writing, Dockerfile generation, mock data generation, schema resolution, commit message generation, error message explanation, and security code scanning.


MagickPen can assist with email writing tasks, including cold email replies, email rejections, email promotions, email newsletters, and email subject lines.


MagickPen provides marketing-related writing services, such as blog generation, ad campaign planning, ad headline creation, product idea generation, social media ad creation, SEO keyword research, SEO description writing, and blog brainstorming.