Mai Writer

Introducing Mai – Your Expert AI Marketing Assistant

Mai is an AI marketing assistant designed to simplify content creation and overcome common challenges faced by content creators.

Simplify Your Content Creation with Mai

Mai eliminates writer's block, monotonous content, and uncertainty about brand voice. It offers a unique toolkit called the Spellbook, which includes features like the Nudge Feature, Brand Personality Feature, and Web Researcher Feature.

Crafting Citation-Rich Articles with Mai

Mai is equipped with a Web Researcher and Article Brewer, allowing users to produce articles enriched with citations and references quickly.

Unparalleled Versatility

Mai's Spellbook allows users to create various types of content, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, informative articles, and more. It also enables seamless campaign creation across multiple channels.

Free to Start – Easy to Use

Getting started with Mai is simple and free. Users can begin with a complimentary allowance of 2000 words per month and explore its intuitive interface.

Satisfied Creators with Enhanced Efficiency

Mai has received positive feedback from diverse users, including business owners, growth managers, content marketers, and copywriters. Users appreciate its ease of workflow, speed, improved campaign integration, and increased productivity.

A Message from the Founder

Mai was built by Kenn, a founder with over a decade of experience in Brand Management and running a performance marketing agency. The goal was to democratize marketing expertise and scale proven marketing principles through an accessible AI tool.

Pros of Using Mai:

  • Offers an array of content creation tools
  • Personalizes content to your brand's voice
  • Simplifies research with fact-checking features
  • Free to start with a generous word limit
  • Positive feedback from a broad user base

Cons of Using Mai:

  • High-volume users may require a paid plan for additional usage
  • Relies on user input to align with complex or nuanced brand guidelines

Start transforming your content strategy today with Mai by signing up for free.