Meet Mailr: Your Personal Email Writing Assistant

In a fast-paced world, staying on top of your email can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. That’s where Mailr comes in - it's not just another browser extension; it's a revolutionary tool designed to redefine the way you handle your electronic correspondence.

Simplify Your Email Tasks

Imagine being able to draft emails with the touch of a button. Mailr does just that, utilizing artificial intelligence to craft messages on your behalf. To start, you simply provide it with a basic directive - this is the core message or the 'goal' of your email.

Personalize Your Tone

Communication isn't just about words; it's about the tone they're delivered in. Mailr offers a rich selection of over ten custom tones. Whether you're aiming for a friendly chat, a formal request, or a persuasive pitch, the choice is at your fingertips.

Save Time Like Never Before

If you've ever found yourself drowning in an inbox sea, you're not alone. The average professional dedicates more than two and a half hours each day to email-related tasks. Mailr promises to slash that time exponentially, leaving you with more hours to focus on what's truly important.

Choose Your Plan

The beauty of Mailr is that it’s accessible for everyone. The Free Forever tier allows you to experience Mailr's efficiency at no cost, with a generous 2,000 word limit each month. If your needs are more demanding, the Premium Tier at \$4.99 per month grants you over 100,000 words, faster email generation, and early access to new features.

Join the Community

Mailr invites you to become part of its evolving journey. By signing up for the newsletter, you'll get the latest updates, new feature announcements, and the opportunity to participate in giveaways.

Remember the Personal Touch

No AI can fully replace the personal touch of a human. While Mailr can free up your time and make email writing a breeze, you should always give your mails a personal once-over to ensure they carry your individual mark.

Learn more about how Mailr can transform your email experience.