Discover Moonbeam: The AI Assistant for Long-Form Writing

Meet Moonbeam, the AI-powered writing assistant crafted to help you produce long-form content with ease. Moonbeam offers tailored assistance to enhance your writing experience.

Write with Structure and Ease

Moonbeam provides a variety of templates catered to different writing needs, including technical guides, product updates, help desk articles, how-to guides, essays, blogs, Twitter threads, newsletters, lesson plans, discussion posts, and personal stories.

Embrace the Writing Wizardry of Moonbeam

Luna, the intelligent AI behind Moonbeam, functions as your personal writing genie. Luna can craft well-structured drafts from your notes or outlines, providing comprehensive and coherent content.

Superior Writing Features

Moonbeam offers features like smart chat, real-time feedback, a curated library of prompts for inspiration, and content cluster generation to streamline the writing and editing process.

Pros and Cons

Pros of using Moonbeam include specialized templates, an intuitive AI assistant, advanced editing with real-time feedback, and a conversational interface. Cons include potential diminished originality and the need for additional editing for a human touch.

Let Your Ideas Shine

Moonbeam is designed to help writers, marketers, and educators make the most of their writing talent and time. Discover more about Moonbeam and experience the brilliance of AI in writing.