Named by AI

Discover the Perfect Name for Your Little One

Finding the perfect name for your new baby can often feel like a delightful, yet daunting task. Meet Named by AI, your personal baby naming assistant, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to compile a list of names that harmonize with your unique preferences.

How It Works

Named by AI is straightforward to use. The tool begins by asking a series of simple questions:

Baby's Gender

Choose between boy, girl, or unknown if you're looking to be surprised.

Preferred Name Origin

Select from a variety of cultures, including English, Elvish, or options inspired by fictional worlds.

Specific Meaning or Theme

Choose names that evoke nature, strength, love, wisdom, or a historic or mythical feel.

Decide if you prefer a widely recognized name or something one-of-a-kind.

Names to Avoid

Eliminate any names that bring up unpleasant associations.

Nickname or Shortened Version

Factor in the preference for a name with a nickname or shortened version.

Once you've answered these prompts, Named by AI generates a customized list of potential names that match your criteria.

Why Named by AI?

Using Named by AI provides various benefits:

Tailored choices

The AI sifts through countless name possibilities to match your specified criteria.

Cultural diversity

The generator's vast database includes names from a multitude of origins, empowering you to honor your roots or choose something universal.

Meaningful selections

The AI's focus on thematic names ensures that every option offered resonates with your desired intent.

However, there are some considerations when using Named by AI:

Personal touch

Some parents may prefer a more human-led and emotionally connected process.

Unpredictable results

Suggestions may not always hit the mark due to the complexity and nuances of naming preferences that an algorithm might not fully capture.

A Partner in Your Naming Journey

Named by AI is created by Gary Meehan, an innovator who believes in the power of technology to make everyday decisions easier and more joyful. Explore the possibilities with Named by AI and discover a name that your child will carry with pride.