Napkin AI

Visual Communication Made Simple

The Napkin doc editor uses AI to transform written concepts into engaging visuals, allowing for quick and effective communication.

Sketching Without the Stress

Napkin's AI corrects lines and recommends shapes, making sketching clean and stress-free.

Personalizing Communication with Video

Napkin allows users to record and edit video snippets within the document, fostering deeper communication.

Collaboration at Its Best

Napkin provides real-time editing and commenting features for remote collaboration.

Designed for Ease and Productivity

Napkin's intuitive design and context-aware options create a tidy workspace and empower creativity.

Pros of using Napkin:

  • Instantly converts text into visuals using AI
  • Streamlines sketching process with AI correction
  • Enhances documents with editable video snippets
  • Simplifies collaboration through live editing and commenting
  • Intuitive design for a smooth workflow

Cons of using Napkin:

  • Learning curve for some users with AI software
  • Manual adjustments may be needed for intended visual format
  • Reliable internet connection required for live collaboration features

Napkin is currently in beta and accessible on all desktop browsers for free. To stay updated, follow Napkin on their Blog, Instagram, or TikTok.