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Crafting a compelling press release is now easier with the help of AI technology., created by, is an AI press release writing tool that uses GPT-3 from OpenAI to generate engaging press releases quickly.

How Does Work? offers a straightforward and user-friendly process:

  • Choose Your Goal: Decide whether to create a new press release or enhance an existing one.
  • Describe Your News: Fill in a form with a brief description of your news announcement.
  • Provide A Corporate Email: The generated press release will be sent to the corporate email address provided.

The tool also provides creative suggestions to improve the press release it generates.

Why Use is not just a content generator. It is a news marketing toolkit that helps distribute your news to Google News and over 500 websites, increasing visibility.

Learn from the Best recommends human editing for AI-generated content and provides resources to aid in the process:

  • Assess the uniqueness of your content.
  • SalesNexus: Partner with an email platform for press release distribution.
  • Guidance from David McInnis: Expert advice on refining your AI-generated press release.

Join the Community invites professionals to participate in their influencer program, offering an opportunity to earn while promoting their expertise.

Conclusion and Contact Information revolutionizes press release writing with AI technology. Contact Newsworthy, LLC for inquiries or assistance.

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Partnerships: Become an Influencer Partner also offers a WordPress plugin for seamless integration into your web platform.

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