Discover a New Way to Write Stories with Novelizer

Novelizer is a unique app designed for iPad users that revolutionizes the way we think about writing fiction. It has received impressive ratings from its user community.

Novel Writing Made Simple

Novelizer has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to create extended, multi-chapter narratives. Users can choose a title, main characters, and outline the plot developments or let the app's AI handle it.

Your Story, Your Control

Novelizer offers a collaborative writing experience, allowing users to co-author stories with friends. Users can edit chapters after the AI has worked on them, providing flexibility for changes.

Share Your Creative Vision

Once a story is complete, Novelizer makes it easy to share it online. The 'Multiverse' feature allows writers to explore different story branches.

Updating and Upgrading

Novelizer is regularly updated with new features and offers a choice between two AI options for storytelling assistance.

Sustainable Storytelling

While the app is free to download, continued use requires purchasing low-cost coins to cover AI service costs.

Embrace Feedback and Evolution

Novelizer encourages user feedback and incorporates suggestions into updates. The developers are committed to resolving technical issues to ensure a seamless storytelling experience.

A Friendly Conclusion

Novelizer is a storytelling companion that inspires and aids the creative process for both amateur and experienced writers.