NVIDIA Canvas App

Discover the Art of AI with NVIDIA Canvas

Experience the power of NVIDIA Canvas, an innovative tool that uses artificial intelligence to transform simple sketches into stunning realistic images. With this tool, artists and designers can effortlessly create natural background scenes.

Transform Your Ideas into Visual Masterpieces

NVIDIA Canvas allows you to paint basic shapes and lines, which are then transformed into detailed scenes by the AI. You can easily change materials to alter the entire landscape, opening up endless creative possibilities.

Tailor Your Art with A Range of Styles

Customize your paintings with various styles, manage different elements with layers, and find inspiration from sample scenes provided by NVIDIA Canvas.

Create 360° Panoramic Art

NVIDIA Canvas supports 360° panoramic landscapes, which can be used to create immersive environments and exported as equirectangular maps for further modifications in 3D scenes.

Seamless Integration with Professional Tools

Export your work as PSD or EXR files to refine it in Adobe Photoshop or use it in other 3D applications like NVIDIA Omniverse USD Composer and Blender.

Getting Started with NVIDIA Canvas

Download and install the beta version of NVIDIA Canvas to start creating extraordinary landscapes. Make sure you meet the system requirements, including having an NVIDIA GeForce RTX, NVIDIA RTX, or TITAN RTX GPU.

Wrapping It Up with NVIDIA Studio

NVIDIA Studio offers a range of accelerated apps, studio drivers, tutorials, and FAQs to enhance the experience for developers and content creators.

For more details and to get started with NVIDIA Canvas, visit NVIDIA's official website.

The realm of AI-powered creativity is at your fingertips with NVIDIA Canvas, revolutionizing the way we conceptualize and realize visual art.