Meet Olle: The Mac App Designed to Enhance Your Writing and Productivity

Olle is a sophisticated tool that amplifies productivity and creativity on macOS platforms. It features an AI-powered assistant in the Mac toolbar to revolutionize writing, absorbing new topics, and streamlining workflows.

Features That Make Olle Stand Out

Use Everywhere

Olle seamlessly integrates into any workspace, whether using Chrome or native macOS applications.

Offline Prompt Library

Access frequently used prompts offline for quick retrieval without delays.

Create Dynamic Prompts

Customize prompts with variables to avoid repetitive typing and let Olle remember information for you.

Lightning Fast Task Completion

Complete tasks in a fraction of the time, increasing efficiency and eliminating monotonous workflows.

Diverse Modes for Diverse Needs

Olle offers a Chat Mode with a conversational interface for those who prefer not to type commands into a toolbar. Past exchanges are easily accessible, and all data is securely stored on your machine.

Power-Packed in a Single Application

Olle combines advanced AI and a user-friendly design to boost creativity, simplify content creation, seamlessly integrate with favorite tools, provide customizable output, save time, and offer personalized prompts.

Prioritizing Your Privacy

Olle keeps your data local to your machine, ensuring privacy and security.

Unleash Innovation

Olle helps generate innovative content ideas to capture audience attention and stand out from the competition.

Revolutionize Your Email Communication

Olle transforms email communications by providing AI-driven responses and prompts directly from your desktop.

Collaborate with AI, Don't Compete Against It

Partner with Olle to harness the collaborative potential of AI and elevate your projects to new heights.