Explore Onison's Professional Whitespace Tool

In today's digital market, the presentation of products in an online catalogue or website can significantly influence customer engagement and sales. Recognizing this, Onison Corporation introduces a sophisticated solution that streamlines the process of creating clean, professional-looking product images for various media outputs.

Web DAM: The Revolutionary Tool

The centerpiece of Onison's toolkit is the Web DAM, a revolutionary tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to replace the background of professional product photographs. Users can quickly substitute the existing background with a transparent one, a solid color, or add a drop-shadow effect to enhance the overall appearance of the product.

Why Choose Web DAM?

  • Ease of Use: The tool is user-friendly, allowing individuals to drag and drop images for quick processing.
  • High-Quality Output: It maintains CMYK layers for print-ready images and supports a wide range of RGB image formats.
  • Customization: Users can select or set their preferred drop-shadow effects to match their branding needs.

Features of Web DAM

  • Background removal: Perfect for professional product shots that require a clutter-free look.
  • Versatile background replacement: Choose between transparency, white space, or a color that fits your design scheme.
  • Enhancing images with drop-shadow: Provide depth and make your product images pop.

Simple and Inclusive Subscription

Onison offers a straightforward pricing plan for their tool:

  • Monthly Fee: $20 for 50 product image edits and drop-shadow additions.
  • Additional Images: Each additional set of 5 image edits is $1.
  • Comprehensive Service: The subscription includes 1 GB of disk space, unlimited uploads, and unlimited downloads*.

Onison's Commitment to Support

Onison provides exceptional customer care with support available 365 days a year, 24/7. Customers can reach their dedicated support team in Europe and North America through designated email addresses and phone numbers.

A Complete Suite of Brand Management Applications

Onison's scalable enterprise brand management platform offers a suite of tools designed for efficiency and branding excellence. From media asset management to automatic catalogue production, Onison encapsulates their philosophy of brilliance in simplicity.

For more information on Onison's offerings, customers can explore their complete suite of Brand Management Applications on the company's website.

*Unlimited uploads exclude creating standard size derivatives when discarding originals. **Unlimited downloads are governed by a fair usage policy to maintain service quality.