Discover Orchard: The GPT-Powered Writing Companion

In the forest of modern writing tools, there's a new sapling that's rapidly growing in popularity—Orchard. This advanced text editor is not your average writing application; it's powered by the latest advancements in AI to assist you in crafting your prose. Whether you're a student, researcher, or professional writer, Orchard can help enhance your writing process and make your work stand out.

Seamless Integration with Your Data

Orchard can easily integrate with the content you're working on, offering personalized writing suggestions. It can connect to different sources and search for answers within your saved links or files, providing contextually aware guidance and recommendations.

Real-Time Web-Enhanced Answers

Orchard provides real-time web search functionality, ensuring your writing is well-informed and resonates with ongoing trends and discussions.

Collaborate with Ease

Orchard's multiplayer feature allows for real-time collaboration on documents, making it a versatile tool for any group size.

A Smart Text Editor That Understands Your Needs

Orchard offers suggestions, edits, and continuations based on the content of your workspace, improving writing quality and streamlining the editing process.

Flexible Plans for Individual and Professional Use

Orchard offers a free "Personal" plan with limited features and a paid "Pro" plan with unlimited access and a 7-day free trial.

Hear It from Our Users

Existing users have seen their productivity and writing quality improve with Orchard.

Learn More About Orchard

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