A New Age in Bulk Processing: The Revolutionary Spreadsheet Approach to ChatGPT

In the realm of technology, effective tools are often the ones that make complex processes simpler, more accessible, and cost-effective. One such innovation comes in the form of a dynamic tool that transforms the way we interact with the highly acclaimed ChatGPT models.

Simple Yet Powerful Workflow Management

Getting started with this system is a piece of cake. Users can step into powerful ChatGPT workflows with minimal coding effort. Clone an existing template, insert your OpenAI API Key, fine-tune the prompts, select the model you desire, and you are ready to deploy your workflow as a secure cloud function.

Customization at Your Fingertips

It caters to those who cherish customization and flexibility. With low-code solutions, users can update and refine their logic for data processing.

Security and Collaboration

All the prompts, generated data, and API keys remain securely within the user's own Google Cloud project. This tool enhances teamwork with customizable role-based access, allowing various team members to collaborate efficiently and securely.


The template on Rowy is free, and a Rowy project permits unlimited data and API calls. Costs may apply based on OpenAI and Google Cloud usage, but most users likely won't exceed the generous free tier provided by Google Cloud.

Staying Connected

The community around this tool is active and supportive, with channels on Github, Discord, and Twitter where users can stay updated, seek live support, and share experiences. The BuildShip team also keeps in touch with their user base through their newsletter.


This tool is a revolution in bulky ChatGPT task processing, designed to make life easier for professionals who rely on extensive data interaction and seek streamlined solutions.

For further details, consider diving into the world of Rowy, where you can find additional resources, support, and community insights that can help you make the most of this innovative tool.