Perception: A Tool for Perfect Color Palettes

Perception is an AI-powered design intelligence tool that helps you choose the right colors for your design projects. It provides AI-generated recommendations and instant analysis to ensure your color combination matches the intended mood perfectly.

Palette Builder

Receive AI-powered color recommendations and combine them with your own colors to create a custom palette. Instant analysis ensures the color combination matches the intended mood. Download or copy color codes for use in your favorite design tool.

Palette Dictionary

Discover thousands of mood-based color palettes organized by term or color. Find the perfect color combinations for your design projects.

Palette Validator

Quickly see how well your existing color palette matches perceived moods. Ensure the colors you've chosen resonate with the emotions you want to convey.

Pros of Perception:

  • Saves time by simplifying color selection
  • Provides instant analysis for color combinations
  • Helps maintain consistency and coherence in design projects

Cons of Perception:

  • AI recommendations may not align with personal preferences
  • Limited customization options for AI-generated color palettes

With Perception, optimize the color selection process for your design projects and evoke the right emotions and moods. Join the beta for free access to Perception and explore the power of AI in design. Sign up now and enhance your creative endeavors.