QR-Art.xyz: An AI-Powered Tool to Redesign QR Codes

Looking for a new way to make your QR codes unique? Check out QR-Art.xyz, an awesome tool that uses AI to generate and redesign QR codes.

Revamp Your QR Codes with Different Styles

With this tool, you can upload your QR code and watch it transform into 8+ different styles, all thanks to the power of AI. It's simple, fun, and completely free to use.

Made with Love by Hussain Mustafa

This amazing QR code redesign tool was created by Hussain Mustafa. If you have any questions or want to connect, you can reach him at hussain@qr-art.xyz.


  • Simple, user-friendly design
  • Free to use
  • AI-powered styles


  • Styles may not suit every need
  • Limited customization options