Simplify Your Todo Lists with Quaffle

A new tool called Quaffle aims to help Mac users stay organized and boost productivity by blending traditional todo lists with AI power.

Organize Your Tasks

Quaffle allows users to easily add tasks to their todo list, helping them maintain focus, prioritize, and reduce mental clutter.

Intelligent Assistant Interaction

Quaffle goes beyond simple task management by allowing users to engage in conversations with an intelligent assistant and acquire information effortlessly.

Customizable User Experience

Quaffle offers customization options, allowing users to create and save frequently used prompts to streamline their workflow.

Multi-Talented Assistant

Quaffle is equipped to assist with various tasks, including refining sentences, providing motivational guidance, offering UX/UI improvements, assisting with musical composition, and providing advanced translations.


While Quaffle offers many benefits, it is currently only available for Mac users.

Overall, Quaffle is a valuable tool for high achievers looking to plan, refine, and succeed in their personal and professional endeavors.