SparkBrief: The AI Tool for Quick Newsletter Generation

If you send out newsletters regularly, it can be a hassle to summarize articles and compile them into a newsletter format. SparkBrief, by RedenseAI, can help you create engaging newsletters quickly using AI.

How SparkBrief Works

  1. Submit Links: Send links to the articles you want to include.
  2. AI Generated Assets: Our service uses AI to parse your links and create headlines and descriptions.
  3. Build your Newsletter: Let AI take care of the writing so you can get started easily.

Why Redense?

  • Save Time: AI can save you 4 to 8 hours per Newsletter.
  • Grounded AI Models: We use LLM models and grounding techniques for tailored output.
  • Robust Toolkit: Convenient tools like email send-in feature and a chrome extension.


Testimonials show how much RedenseAI is loved and trusted by our users.


  • Quick and simple to use
  • Saves time and effort
  • Grounded AI for customized output
  • AI-generated assets can make your newsletters engaging


  • Slightly generalized output
  • Occasional formatting glitches

Sign up for SparkBrief today and experience the ease and convenience of AI-powered newsletter generation.