Discover the Magic of Refabric AI: Your Fashion Design Assistant

Refabric AI Fashion Design Assistant is an innovative tool that uses artificial intelligence to redefine fashion design. It allows users to bring their fashion concepts to life and create unique styles.

Main Features of Refabric AI

Image to Design

Upload an image that inspires you and Refabric AI will help you create designs that capture the same fashion spirit.

Pattern to Design

Use AI to generate variations on a specific pattern and transform it into a new design collection.

Advanced Settings

Customize and fine-tune design details with Refabric's advanced settings.

Prompt Assistant

Get creative inspiration and guidance through the design process with the Prompt Assistant.

AI+ Translator

Break language barriers and communicate your vision with Refabric's AI+ Translator.

Private Sessions

Work in a distraction-free environment with private sessions offered by Refabric.

Enthusiastic Community and Professional Endorsements

Refabric AI has been embraced by professionals in the fashion industry for its design capabilities and community support.

Start Free with Refabric

Try out Refabric AI with the free Starter plan to explore the possibilities of fashion AI without any initial investment.

Stay Connected

Contact Refabric at or connect through various social channels to stay updated and get assistance.

Refabric AI Fashion Design Assistant is a revolutionary tool that combines ease of use with AI innovation to make your design dreams come true.