About Rephrasely

Rephrasely is a tool that helps with paraphrasing and composing text in over 100 languages. It uses AI technology to generate variations of your original writing in 18 different styles. The tool offers 20 modes, including a summarize tool, a free grammar checker, a text simplifier, and a sentence shortener.

Paraphrase Tool

The paraphrase tool in Rephrasely allows you to input your text and generate the best paraphrases. It helps you find the right words to match your expression and clarify your thinking. The tool offers 20 different modes to accomplish this, including sentence rephrasers and paragraph-level context consideration.

Compose Mode

The Compose mode in Rephrasely enables you to write 10 times faster by creating paragraphs from keywords instantly. It is useful for various types of writing, such as articles, cover letters, essays, and more. The mode supports over 500 types of writing in 100+ languages.

Plagiarism Checker

Rephrasely also provides a plagiarism checker for over 50 languages. It ensures that your text is unique and free of plagiarism, giving you peace of mind after spending time refining your ideas.


Rephrasely offers both monthly and annual subscription plans. The monthly plan costs $7.99 USD per month and includes unlimited paraphrasing in 20 styles, up to 500 paragraphs per month, and up to 100 plagiarism checks per month. The annual plan costs $59.88 USD billed every 12 months and offers unlimited paraphrasing, unlimited paragraph generating, and unlimited plagiarism checks.