Enhance Your Social Media Presence with RewriteWise

Discover how RewriteWise can help you improve your social media presence through proofreading, rewriting, and content optimization using AI-driven technology.

How RewriteWise Works

  • Flawless Proofreading: AI scans your content for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
  • Native-Level Fluency: AI can rewrite your content to achieve native-like fluency and clarity.
  • Content Optimization: Tool analyzes your posts for tone, readability, and keyword usage.

Different Applications

  • Multilingual Social Media Management: Easily manage your social media presence in multiple languages.
  • International Content Marketing: Create compelling, native-like content for your global audience.
  • Engaging Customer Support: Improve customer satisfaction with clear and fluent support responses.
  • Personal Branding: Build a strong personal brand by sharing well-written content in various languages.
  • Influencer Collaboration: Expand your audience by collaborating with international influencers.
  • Product Localization: Successfully launch your product in new markets with localized and optimized content.

Pricing Options

Choose from our Starter, Influencer, or Dynamo plans to enhance your social media strategy. We offer flexible pricing options for individuals and teams.


  • Easy-to-use AI tool for proofreading, rewriting, and content optimization.
  • Tailored for various use cases, such as multilingual social media management and international content marketing.
  • Flexible pricing plans for individuals and teams.
  • Advanced AI-driven technology for flawless proofreading and native-level fluency.


  • Limited to use on social media platforms.
  • Availability as a Telegram bot may pose usability challenges for some users.

With RewriteWise, you can confidently connect and communicate like a native speaker, engage your audience with well-crafted content, and maximize your social media success.