Innovative Meeting Platform: Rumi AI

Rumi AI is an advanced meeting platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to optimize virtual meetings and improve productivity while maintaining privacy.

Getting Started with Rumi AI

Signing up, scheduling meetings, and using Rumi AI is quick and easy, allowing users to experience the benefits of smarter meetings for free.

The Benefits of Rumi AI

Rumi AI offers interactive summaries, privacy features, multi-language support, and post-meeting playback to enhance virtual gatherings.

Streamlining Scheduling with Rumi AI

Rumi AI seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar™, simplifying the setup process for meetings.

The Unique Rumi Turn-Based Meetings

Rumi AI's queue and timer mode creates an organized environment for focused discussions and webinars, accommodating up to 2,000 participants.

Rumi AI's Standout Features

Rumi AI provides real-time meeting summaries, turn-based mode for brevity and inclusivity, and automated AI assistance for continuity and accountability.

Key Features of Rumi AI

Rumi AI offers a real-time AI meeting feed, privacy controls, browser-based meetings for large groups, and the ability to capture off-camera moments.

While Rumi AI has many advantages, it's important to consider the learning curve and potential over-reliance on AI tools for your specific team and meeting dynamics.

Sign up for Rumi AI today to explore how it can enhance your online meeting experience and embrace the future of meetings.