Scribo AI

Introducing Scribo: The AI Assistant Builder

Scribo offers an innovative solution to create tailored AI chatbots that provide valuable information access.

Creating Your AI Assistant

Step 1: Build

Assign a unique and descriptive name to your chatbot.

Step 2: Train

Infuse your chatbot with extensive knowledge from your business's internal materials.

Step 3: Launch

With one click, your trained chatbot is ready to respond to the needs of your employees or customers.

Wide Array of Use Cases

Scribo's AI can support applications for employees, students, customers, and businesses.

Adaptable Pricing Plans

Scribo offers flexible pricing options to fit various budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my data to train the chatbot? What type of data can I use? How long does training take? Can I update the chatbot's knowledge?

Pros and Cons of Using Scribo

Pros: Bespoke AI chatbots, 24/7 availability, flexibility to train with proprietary data, variable pricing plans. Cons: Dependency on high-quality data, possible learning curve.


Scribo is a promising tool for businesses to enhance productivity and customer engagement with AI, requiring a solid foundation of data and some familiarity with AI systems.