Shakespeare Toolbar

Shakespeare Toolbar: AI-Powered Writing Tool

Discover a reliable and efficient AI-powered tool, the Shakespeare Toolbar, to enhance your writing experience. This powerful tool offers various features to improve your content, emails, and essays.


  • Rephrase: Enhance readability and fix grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Summarize: Save time by summarizing long text into short paragraphs.
  • Simplify: Convert lengthy content into quick bullet-point summaries.
  • Friendly/Polite Answers: Quickly create polite and friendly responses for emails or customer support.
  • AI-Prompts: Streamline writing with AI prompts directly where you write.
  • Use AI Everywhere: Chrome Extension allows toolbar usage on any site.

How it Works

  • English Rephrase: Improve readability, variety, and fix grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Summarize: Condense long content into shorter paragraphs.
  • Simplify: Transform any text into a quick list.
  • Friendly/Polite Answers: Easily craft friendly and polite responses.
  • AI-Prompts: Streamline content creation with AI prompts.


  • Chrome Extension: Lifetime license for $49.
  • Try for Free: Explore functionalities with the rich text editor.
  • New Features: Continuous updates and access to all shortcuts with a right-click.


  • Seamless writing experience with AI-powered features.
  • Lifetime license option for the Chrome Extension with continuous updates.
  • No need for an OpenAI API key, making it easy to get started.


  • Initial cost may be a barrier for some users, especially for the Chrome Extension license.

The Shakespeare Toolbar is an innovative and accessible tool that enhances your writing process. Enjoy unlimited writing and well-articulated communication. With a 14-day money-back guarantee, you can try it risk-free.