Streamline Your Meetings with Shepherd: The Smart Collaboration Tool

In the fast-paced world of business, staying productive during meetings is crucial. That's where Shepherd comes in—a resourceful collaboration app designed to make your meetings more efficient and effective. Whether your team is dispersed across the globe or situated in one office, Shepherd offers a suite of features to enhance your meeting experience.

Easy Agenda Creation and Notetaking

One of the key features of Shepherd is its ability to let you easily create agendas with templates, take collaborative notes, and assign tasks. These features are accessible before, during, and after your meetings, ensuring that you're well-prepared and that the discussions stay on track.

Agenda Templates

Shepherd's library of agenda templates will help you save time and maintain a consistent meeting structure.

Assigning Tasks

Create accountability within your team by assigning tasks in-app, making sure every action item has a responsible party.

Real-Time Collaboration

Take notes alongside your teammates without ever leaving your video conference screen.

Seamless Integration

Shepherd syncs perfectly with your existing tools, including Google Calendar and popular video conferencing platforms like Google Meet and Zoom.

Calendar Connection

Keep all your meetings organized with Google Calendar integration, allowing you to see past notes and prepare for upcoming ones.

Video Conference Friendly

Shepherd connects you to your favorite video conferencing tools for effortless note-taking.

Accessibility and Convenience

Shepherd offers user convenience with features like a sidebar extension, full-screen mode, search function, and app integrations with popular tools like Slack, Trello, and Notion.

Stay Organized with Smart Features

Shepherd provides functionalities like task management, note sharing, scratchpad for quick notes, efficiency boosters with commands and shortcuts, and an updates hub for notifications.

Customer Endorsements

Industry leaders like Jan Grønbech, Cecilie Espolin Johnson, Magnus Grimeland, Fredrik Thomassen, Gigi Brett, and Johan Bronkhorst endorse Shepherd for its ease of use and impact on meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Shepherd and how it works.


Shepherd is a powerful collaboration tool that can supercharge your meetings. With its robust features, ease of use, and positive endorsements, it's worth trying out for your next team gathering.