Simply The Best AI Plugin for WordPress

Setting Up Aikeez

Step 1: Account Creation

Visit the Aikeez official site and sign up by providing personal information, creating a username and password, and verifying your email address.

Step 2: Choosing a Plan

Select a plan (Solo, Business, or Elite) based on your business needs and review pricing structures.

Step 3: Installation and Activation

Install the Aikeez plugin on your WordPress site and activate it within your WordPress dashboard.

Operating Aikeez

Creating Content

Use the Aikeez plugin section in your dashboard to generate articles, product descriptions, or posts.

Bulk Publishing and Scheduling

Configure bulk publishing to create multiple pieces of content at once and use the scheduling tool to plan posts.

Image Automation

Aikeez automatically selects and integrates high-quality images into your posts without copyright concerns.

Fine-Tuning AI Settings

Customize AI output by adjusting creativity levels and completion settings, and use advanced models for better results.

Pro Tips

Troubleshooting Login Issues

Check credentials and email for verification links or updates.

Enhanced Creativity Settings

Test different settings for the right content style.

Regular Updates

Keep the Aikeez plugin updated for the latest features and improvements.

Real-World Success Stories

E-Commerce Growth

An online retailer increased sales and organic traffic by automating product descriptions with Aikeez.

Affiliate Marketing

A blogger in the affiliate space expanded their audience reach and earned higher commissions with Aikeez's rapid content creation.

Digital PR Expansion

PR professionals reduced costs and attracted partners and opportunities by efficiently managing content strategies with Aikeez.


Aikeez is a valuable tool for automating content creation, image sourcing, and publishing. Follow the guidelines and experiment with features to enhance productivity and digital presence. Visit the Help Center or contact Support for more information. Get started here for hassle-free content management and publication.