Simplifying Your Reading List with

In today's fast-paced digital world, keeping up with online articles can be challenging. provides concise summaries of articles directly to your inbox, making consuming long reads more manageable.

How Enhances Your Reading Experience streamlines the process of staying informed by allowing you to send an article link to and receive a summary of the article in your inbox after about 10 minutes.

Simplified Sharing with Friends

You can easily share thought-provoking content with your friends by CC'ing them when you email the article to Both you and your friends will receive the article summary.

Behind the Scenes uses OpenAI's GPT technology to create accurate digests of articles. However, it's important to approach AI-generated content with skepticism and use it for light-hearted purposes.

Pros and Cons to Consider

Pros of using include saving time, enhancing productivity, and facilitating easy sharing of information. Cons include the possibility of summaries not capturing nuanced arguments and the need for discretion when using AI-generated content.

Your Privacy with only retains your email address, any CC'd addresses, and the URL you provided. No other email content is stored post-processing.

Inspired by Innovation was developed by Karthik Sridharan and Alex Furmansky, who have a passion for AI text processing, email handling, and web scraping. It offers a smart solution for staying informed and engaged with online content.