Meet Wolfe: Your AI-Powered Consulting Companion

Wolfe is an innovative AI-powered tool that enhances management consulting by providing top-tier advice without high fees.

Unveiling Wolfe's Capabilities

Wolfe combines generative language models and expertise from management consultants to streamline research, analysis, and communication processes.

Personalized Assistance for Various Needs

Wolfe can provide structure and frameworks, solve business challenges, assist with content creation and refinement, and offer data analysis and insights.

The Minds Behind Wolfe

Wolfe is developed by ex-consultants and experts in collaboration with Slideworks, with team members from top consulting firms.

Embrace the Future of Consulting

Wolfe elevates operational excellence through strategic guidance tailored to your business. Join the waitlist to transform your practices.

Be Part of the Evolution

Wolfe's suite of products revolutionizes business strategy, digital transformation, and more. It offers astute advice and collaboration through AI.