Revolutionize Your Designs with's AI Illustration Tool

In the vast ocean of digital design, it's crucial to stand out. With, bringing a unique flair to your projects has never been easier. This innovative platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to transform the way you create illustrations.

Custom Illustration at Your Fingertips offers the flexibility to generate bespoke illustrations with just a snippet of text. This convenience means you can quickly iterate over designs and refine your artistic vision without manually tinkering with every detail.

A Spectrum of Styles for Every Mood

The app currently presents two distinctive AI illustration styles:

  • Calm Purple Style: 26 illustrations rendered in soothing purples, perfect for projects needing tranquility and sophistication.
  • Neo Yellow Style: 24 illustrations in a vibrant, sunshine-laden style, ideal for bold and energetic designs.

And there's more on the way! promises the release of additional styles to help bring diversity to your design palette.

Accessibility for All Creatives

Everyone from beginners to seasoned designers can capitalize on this tool to quickly generate visuals for various purposes. The app is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring you spend less time learning and more time unleashing your imagination.

Local Spark, Global Impact

Proudly crafted in Poland, exemplifies how local innovation can make waves on the global stage. By blending artistic expression with the latest in AI technology, they're at the forefront of the digital design revolution.

Connecting with

Getting started with custom illustrations is just an email away. For licenses or any queries, reach out to the team at Stay updated with their latest news and updates on Twitter.

Pros and Cons


  • Simplicity: Create illustrations with minimal effort, allowing for greater focus on the broader aspects of your design projects.
  • Speed: Accelerates the design process, especially handy when facing tight deadlines.
  • Innovation: Embraces cutting-edge AI tech to keep your designs ahead of the curve.
  • Variety: Offers multiple styles and promises more to come, ensuring a range of options for different aesthetics.


  • Limited Styles (For Now): Currently, the choice is between two styles, which may not cater to all design needs.
  • AI Limitations: AI-generated images may lack the nuanced touch that a human artist can provide. offers a solution that marries convenience, creativity, and technology. As it continues to grow and expand its capabilities, it will undoubtedly become an even more indispensable asset in a designer's toolkit.