Embrace the Future of Storytelling with Subtxt: Your AI-driven Narrative Companion

Subtxt is an AI-driven tool that helps writers craft captivating stories by combining artificial intelligence with time-honored narrative theory. It empowers storytellers by providing a strong foundation for their narratives and offering guidance throughout the creative process.

Empowering Storytellers Nationwide

Subtxt is a storyteller's ally, ensuring that stories resonate with audiences from start to finish. It achieves this through a combination of story-building expertise and predictive narrative frameworks. The tool also comes with an intelligent chatbot companion named Muse, who helps maintain the coherence and purpose of the story.

The Dynamic Duo: Narrative Agents & Subtxt Muse

Subtxt consists of two main components: Narrative Agents and Subtxt Muse. Narrative Agents serve as a springboard, providing intelligent prompts and preventing potential pitfalls in the narrative. Subtxt Muse offers advice rooted in decades of narrative theory, ensuring the authenticity of the storyteller's voice while aligning with the story's structure.

What Sets Subtxt Apart?

Subtxt's approach to story generation is unique as it focuses on the underlying structure of the story rather than training on actual texts. It views the narrative as a whole, allowing for a more objective author-based paradigm.

The Value of Subtxt for Storytellers

  • Upholds story integrity: Subtxt keeps the essence of the story intact, aligning with the original vision of the writer.
  • Structural guidance: Subtxt provides a structured outline to prevent stories from becoming messy and ensures that every element connects back to the main plot.

Subtxt empowers writers to tell the stories they've always wanted, breaking free from the constraints of conventional AI story generation.