Introducing Syne: Visualizing and Prototyping with Extended Reality and AI

In the world of industrial design, visualizing and prototyping is crucial. Syne is a tool that uses extended reality (XR) and AI technology to bring designs to life.

Visualizing with Cutting-Edge Technology

Syne merges rapid prototyping with high-fidelity visualization, allowing designers to walk through their designs in real-scale environments.

Seamless Integration from the Cloud

Syne simplifies the journey from concept to prototype by allowing easy access to 3D models from Google Drive.

AI-Powered Environments and Textures

Syne's AI technology enables designers to customize materials and backdrops for their models, creating immersive experiences.

Beyond the Visual: Physics and Lighting

Syne incorporates realistic physics and lighting, allowing designers to experiment with how their creations interact with the environment.

Collaboration Made Easy

Syne facilitates collaboration by allowing easy sharing of insights and variations with team members.


Syne is a tool that uses extended reality and AI technology to visualize and prototype industrial designs. It offers seamless integration from the cloud, AI-powered environments and textures, realistic physics and lighting, and easy collaboration features. Syne aims to bridge the gap between imagination and reality in the design process.