Synthesizer V

Synthesizer V Studio: Breath New Life into Your Musical Creations

Making music can be exciting and challenging, especially when adding vocals. Synthesizer V Studio is a powerful tool that helps musicians and producers bring their compositions to life.

A Rich Palette of Vocal Possibilities

Synthesizer V Studio offers a wide range of vocal expressions. Musicians can choose from various voice databases and fine-tune vocals with dynamic vocal modes, creating unique and emotionally impactful projects.

Streamline Your Workflow with Live Rendering

Live Rendering allows creators to visualize changes in real-time, saving time and reducing strain. Waveforms are displayed as adjustments are made, helping catch nuances and speeding up the creative process.

Breaking Language Barriers

Synthesizer V Studio's AI voices support English, Japanese, and Chinese. The Cross-Lingual Synthesis feature enables any voice to perform in all three languages, promoting diversity and versatility in music creation.

Discover a Voice for Every Tune

Synthesizer V Studio offers a variety of voices from reputable vendors worldwide, ensuring a perfect match for any musical piece.

Feature Comparison at a Glance

Synthesizer V Studio is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, and runs natively on Apple Silicon. The free Basic Edition offers 3 tracks and 2 cores for rendering, while the Pro Edition unlocks unlimited tracks, customizable AI pitch generation, and advanced features.

Embrace Your Sound with Synthesizer V Studio

Synthesizer V Studio caters to hobbyists and professional producers, providing intuitive design and robust features for music creation. It is a valuable addition to any music production toolkit.

For more information and to try out the free Basic Edition or purchase the Pro Edition, visit the official Dreamtonics website. You can also listen to sample tracks and get inspired on their YouTube channel or through their partners' collections.