TabHub: Revolutionizing Web Browsing

TabHub is a game-changing tool that simplifies and streamlines web browsing, offering comprehensive tab management, productivity tracking, and team collaboration.

All-in-One Tab Management

TabHub provides a toolbox for managing tabs, including cloud synchronization, bookmark management, and easy sorting, grouping, saving, and restoring of tabs.

Enhanced Productivity

Track browsing activities and gain insights with TabHub's AI-powered time tracker, allowing users to take control of their web browsing habits.

Smart Grouping with AI

TabHub uses AI technology to intelligently group tabs with a single click, making tab organization and management effortless.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight extension
  • Real-time team collaboration
  • AI-powered tab grouping
  • Time tracker for productivity insights


  • Some features require premium subscription

Team Collaboration Made Easy

TabHub offers a unique browsing solution for teams, allowing seamless sharing of tabs, access management, and real-time collaborative sessions.

What's Next for TabHub?

TabHub has upcoming updates, including a Browsing Tree feature. Join the waiting list for early access to the Beta version and stay updated with new features.

Final Thoughts

TabHub is not just a tab manager, but a comprehensive solution for enhanced browsing, productivity monitoring, and team collaboration.