Tavern of Azoth

Unleashing Creativity with Tavern of Azoth: A Haven for Roleplayers

Discover how Tavern of Azoth, an innovative online platform, can inspire and develop your role-playing campaigns with its AI-powered tools.

Craft and Play Unique Campaigns

Immerse yourself in hand-crafted adventures with the help of an AI Game Master, either solo or with friends.

Create Legendary Creatures

Bring your RPG world to life by articulating and creating unforgettable creatures using Tavern of Azoth's AI-powered tools.

Personalize Characters and Merchants

Easily construct and customize characters and merchants with unique backstories and inventories.

Arm with Imaginative Equipment

Create customized equipment for your characters, allowing them to stand out in terms of skills and gear.

Explore and Share in the Compendium

Dive into the community-driven compendium to find and share ideas with fellow creators.

Stay Connected with the Community

Connect with other members, provide feedback, and track the platform's evolution on Discord, Twitch, and Trello.

Sign up for free and start crafting your bespoke content with 500 Energy points. Tavern of Azoth welcomes both seasoned game masters and newcomers to the world of TTRPGs.