Enhance Your Obsidian Experience with AI

If you're an Obsidian user looking to amplify your note-taking and content creation endeavors, there's an AI-powered tool designed just for you. It's a blend of innovative AI-driven templates and intelligent content generation that makes managing information as effortless as possible.

Empowering Features at Your Fingertips

The interface is intuitive and feature-rich, driving your productivity to new heights. Here’s what you can expect:

Free and Open-Source

The tool is entirely open-source. This means you can access the Text Generator Plugin without any cost, enjoying the full potential of unrestricted use and the perpetual opportunity for further innovation.

A Hub for Sharing

Collaboration is key in any creative process, and this tool understands that. It hosts a Template Hub where users can exchange their personally crafted templates. It’s a shared space that encourages the collective exploration of Generative AI in the realm of note-taking.

Smart Custom Prompts

By harnessing Template Metadata, you can create customized prompts that result in text outputs perfectly tuned to your specific context and requirements. It's like having a conversation with your notes and getting precisely what you need in return.

Diverse Language Model Support

Flexibility is paramount, and this tool delivers by supporting a range of language models. Whether you’re a fan of the cutting-edge gpt-4-1106-preview (gpt4 turbo) 128k, the precision of gpt-3.5-instruct, or the genius of claude, bard, and llama models, there's compatibility for your preference.

Dynamic Template Engine

With the advanced template engine, this plugin takes your productivity up a notch. Dynamic Templates simplify your routine, making note-taking faster and more efficient while tailoring the output to fit your personal or professional needs.

Optimized for Obsidian

The plugin is crafted to integrate seamlessly into Obsidian. It complements your Personal Knowledge Management practices, ensuring a smooth and enhanced experience that’s hard to beat.


If you desire a note-taking and content creation process that’s less of a chore and more of a breeze, this AI-driven tool for Obsidian can be a game-changer for you.

Pros and Cons


  • Cost-free and open-source
  • Promotes collaborative sharing of templates
  • Customizable prompts for tailored output
  • Compatibility with various advanced language models
  • Enhances productivity with dynamic templates


  • Requires familiarity with Obsidian for best experience
  • Might have a learning curve for some users due to AI integration
  • Dependence on external language models

This tool stands as a testament to the power of community and innovation in the open-source arena, bringing together the best of AI and the insights of avid note-takers everywhere.

For more about the YouWrite Team's contributions and their work, visit their GitHub Repo. Join their community and embark on a journey to unbridled productivity and creativity with the help of AI in your note-taking endeavors.