Innovative Tool for Interactive Maps: Textomap

In the digital age, Textomap is a user-friendly software that transforms text-based descriptions into dynamic, interactive maps. It allows you to create maps from various types of text content without the need for complicated spreadsheets or software.

Generate Maps with Ease

Textomap's AI assistant can quickly generate maps from any text containing location data, making it ideal for travel bloggers, teachers, and more.

Customize Your Maps

You can easily customize the appearance of your maps to match your content's style and branding. Edit pin descriptions, colors, labels, and even link images or webpages directly to each location.

Dynamic Updates

Embedded and shared maps automatically update as your content evolves, eliminating the need for manual edits.

Export Data

You can export mapped data as a CSV file or open it directly in Google Maps for convenient use on the go.

Multi-language Support

Textomap supports multiple languages, making it versatile for users worldwide.


Textomap offers a straightforward pricing model, with free map creation to start. Advanced features are available for subscription without high costs.

Google Chrome Extension and Support

Textomap offers a Google Chrome extension for quick map generation directly from your browser. Extensive support is provided through the FAQ section on the website.

Elevate Your Content with Textomap

Textomap simplifies the process of creating engaging content with informative maps. Enhance your readers' experience, save time, and present data in an attractive, interactive format.

For more information or to get started with Textomap, visit their website.