Simplify Your Text Analysis with Tinq.ai

Tinq.ai is a streamlined natural language processing (NLP) tool that offers a range of features for efficient text analysis.

Writing Assistant and Rewriter

Tinq.ai's writing assistant helps with drafting and rewriting content, with multilingual capabilities and an API for AI-powered paraphrasing.

Plagiarism Detection

Tinq.ai includes a fully integrated plagiarism checker to ensure original and authentic content.

Summarization and Sentiment Analysis

Tinq.ai's AI-based summarizer provides concise versions of content while maintaining the original intent. Sentiment analysis offers insight into the emotional tone of text.

Entity Recognition and Content Extraction

Tinq.ai's named-entity recognition helps identify and extract names, places, and other significant elements from text. The article extractor feature simplifies content extraction from URLs.

Seamless Integration

Tinq.ai's REST API allows developers to easily integrate NLP functionalities into their applications, enabling sentiment analysis, entity extraction, and more within existing tech stacks.

Community Trusted

Tinq.ai has gained the trust of over 6,000 developers and offers a robust monthly API request count. Users appreciate the adaptability and ease of adding Tinq.ai's tools to their applications and workflows.

Affordable and Accessible

Tinq.ai offers a transparent and flexible pricing model starting at $15 USD, with access to all core tools under one subscription. There is also a free option available for testing the platform.

Tinq.ai is committed to providing AI-driven NLP tools for all text analysis needs. Visit their website for more information and technical support.