Discover the Power of Turnitin's iThenticate 2.0

In the academic and research world, maintaining the integrity of scholarly works is paramount. That's why Turnitin has launched iThenticate 2.0, a tool designed to preserve the authenticity of high-stakes content.

A Legacy of Trust

Turnitin has been at the forefront of educational technology since 1998, emphasizing honesty, consistency, and fairness in the global education community.

More Than Just a Plagiarism Checker

iThenticate 2.0 is recognized as the gold standard among academic researchers and publishers for plagiarism detection. It can also identify instances where newer AI writing tools have been utilized.

Bridging the Gap in Academic Integrity

Turnitin provides solutions for secondary education, higher education, and research & publication to ensure academic integrity at all levels.

Product Suite

Turnitin offers a comprehensive suite of products including Feedback Studio, Originality, Gradescope, ExamSoft, and Similarity.

Building Connections Through Insights

Turnitin offers a variety of resources such as a blog, webinars, case studies, eBooks, infographics, and tools to aid teachers in providing efficient feedback.

Reflecting on the Pros and Cons

iThenticate 2.0 has comprehensive plagiarism detection and a wide range of products, but may be overwhelming for some users and could overshadow manual plagiarism detection skills.

In Conclusion

Turnitin's iThenticate 2.0 upholds the highest standards of academic integrity with intuitive products and resources to support the educational journey for learners and researchers worldwide.