TypeGenie: Effortlessly Generate Text Online

Struggling to find the right words to express yourself online? TypeGenie is an AI-powered Chrome extension that can help you effortlessly generate text on any website.

How TypeGenie Works

TypeGenie seamlessly integrates into your browser, allowing you to use it on any website with an input field. It saves you time and effort by generating text based on your input.

TypeGenie Features

  • Text Generation: TypeGenie can generate text based on your input, making it easier to compose tweets or emails.
  • Translation: TypeGenie can translate your text into any language, facilitating global communication.


For just 25€, you'll get a lifetime license for TypeGenie. This means you pay once and have access to the tool forever. Updates are also included, and you'll receive the Chrome extension key via email.

Getting Started

To start using TypeGenie, simply download the Chrome extension, get your license key, and enjoy the seamless benefits of AI-generated text.

Pros and Cons


  • Integrates into any website with an input field
  • Generates text based on your input
  • Facilitates instant translation into any language
  • Affordable lifetime license with updates included


  • Limited to use within browser input fields only

With TypeGenie, you'll never have to worry about struggling for words online. Give it a try today and experience the power of AI-generated text firsthand.