Autodesigner 1.5

Autodesigner 1.5 is a tool that allows users to generate UI designs from text and export them as React components. It aims to make UI design easy and streamlined, with features such as wireframing, UI mockup design, prototyping, and AI design assistance.


Autodesigner 1.5 offers a range of templates for designing mobile apps, websites, and web apps. It also provides a UI components library for any project.


Autodesigner 1.5 is suitable for various professionals and businesses, including product managers, designers, UX professionals, marketers, startup founders, consultants, agencies, and developers. It can help with project management, ideation, delivering for clients, bringing startup MVPs to life, turning ideas into interactive mockups, and providing a launchpad for projects in large enterprises.


Autodesigner 1.5 has a blog section where users can find more information and resources related to UI design and ideation.


Autodesigner 1.5 offers pricing plans for different user needs. Contact sales for more information.

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