Universis: Your AI College Counselor

Universis is a free, AI-powered college counselor designed to assist students in preparing for college. It offers personalized advice and essay reviews to increase your chances of getting accepted into your dream college.


  • AI College Counselor: Universis provides tailored guidance throughout the college application process.
  • Essay Reviews: The AI offers feedback on your essays, including grammar, structure, and general advice.
  • User-Friendly: Universis is easy to use and accessible from anywhere, providing peace of mind for students.


  • Accessible: Universis is available to all students, regardless of location.
  • Free: There are no costs associated with using Universis.
  • Expert Advice: The AI provides knowledgeable guidance and helpful essay reviews.


  • Not Human: As an AI, Universis lacks the personal touch of speaking to a human counselor.
  • Limited Understanding: The AI's advice may be limited by its understanding of your unique context and history.

Give Universis a try and secure your future today!