Meet Your New Scientific Writing Companion - Wisio.app

Welcome to the world of streamlined scientific writing! Wisio.app is the digital assistant you've been searching for. Designed to assist scientists in crafting precise and impacting academic work, Wisio.app is proving itself as an indispensable tool for over 15,000 scientists across the globe.

Harness the Power of AI for Scientific Writing

Wisio.app harnesses the latest in AI technology to offer you a range of features that simplify your writing process:

AI-Powered Suggestions

Enjoy personalized scientific suggestions tailored to your input and specific keywords to enhance the quality of your content every time.

Effortless Citation

Write with confidence as the platform allows you to input your text and then automatically searches PubMed for the most relevant citations.

Language No Barrier

Broaden the reach of your research by converting your text into precise and clear English, making your work globally comprehensible.

Perfect English

Overcome language hurdles with an English correction tool that uses AI to ensure nearly flawless writing, facilitating better understanding among peers and reviewers.

Plans for Every Need

Whether you're an individual scientist, part of a team, or a student, Wisio.app has a subscription plan to match:

Monthly Subscription

At $16 per month, you have access to unlimited projects and AI suggestions, with up to 500 characters per prompt. Look forward to the 'Magic Mode' and 'StatWizard' features that are coming soon!

Annual Subscription

Get all the monthly features for just $9 per month, billed once as $109, and enjoy a hefty 43% discount. That's a whole year of stress-free writing at your fingertips.

Teams Subscription

Ideal for groups of 2 or more, this plan offers each user unlimited projects and AI suggestions at $12 per user per month.

Start Your Free Trial

Embarking on your Wisio.app journey is just a few clicks away. Sign up with an account in under a minute, confirm your email, and dive into a trial period with no credit card requirement. Writing better scientific works is at your beck and call with this AI-powered platform.

Connect and Support

Creating a strong writing piece has never been easier, but should you need a helping hand or want to learn more, visit the Support page or check out the informative Blog section. Privacy is a priority, and at Wisio.app, your data and rights are respected and protected.

Pros and Cons of Wisio.app


  • Tailored AI suggestions improve content quality
  • Simplifies the citation process
  • Breaks language barriers with translation into precise English
  • The AI-driven English correction tool for enhanced clarity
  • Multiple pricing options, including team plans
  • Free trial available without credit card information


  • The tool's features, such as Magic Mode and StatWizard, are still in the pipeline
  • May have a learning curve for users unfamiliar with AI tools
  • Dependency on online connectivity for full functionality

Whether you’re drafting your latest research paper or compiling data for a scientific presentation, Wisio.app is an excellent companion in the field of scientific writing. Explore the potential it has to offer by visiting wisio.app and start elevating your scientific communication today.