Wraith Docs

Wraith Docs: Your Assistant for Google Docs™

Sign up for Wraith Docs to edit and improve your Google Docs™ documents with AI tools.

Quick Start Guide

Learn how to use Wraith Docs to write and edit 10X faster in Google Docs™.


Easily rephrase highlighted text in your Google Docs™ document.


Quickly expand upon your ideas to make your document longer and more comprehensive.


Make your text easier for readers to understand.

Keyword Optimization

Add keywords to your text to optimize SEO.

Add Text Fast

Add text to your document wherever your cursor is, with context-awareness.

Flexible Prompt Input

Input prompts up to 4000 characters and let the AI write what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Wraith Docs.

Why is Wraith Docs free?

Wraith Docs is currently in open beta, and the developer is observing costs before closing the beta.

When will the open beta close?

The open beta will close when the website has 1000 users.

Do I get unlimited usage?

Each free account has a semi-unlimited usage with 250,000 tokens, which can process about 187,500 words.

Can I use Wraith Docs without Google Docs™?

No, Wraith Docs is a Google Docs™ add-on.

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