Introducing WriteGPT: Your Friendly AI-Powered Writing Companion

WriteGPT is a versatile web extension that integrates ChatGPT with your browser to enhance your writing process in various areas.

Writing Smarter with WriteGPT

WriteGPT streamlines different aspects of your work, including sales, account management, social media, SEO, copywriting, student projects, and software development.


WriteGPT helps sales professionals draft persuasive emails, position products effectively, and engage prospects, saving time for building relationships and closing deals.

Account Management

Account managers can use WriteGPT to draft client briefs and respond to client needs quickly and accurately, saving up to eight hours a week.

Social Media

WriteGPT assists in crafting engaging social media posts, maintaining consistent brand messaging, and reducing time spent on manual revisions, saving about 12 hours a week.


WriteGPT simplifies content optimization for SEO, ensuring appeal to both the audience and search engines.


Copywriters can use WriteGPT to refine and repurpose content, overcome writer's block, and adapt AI to match their writing voice and style.


WriteGPT helps students summarize articles and tailor lessons, aiding in preparation and avoiding last-minute cramming.


Developers can streamline code and reduce debugging time using WriteGPT, leading to faster and more efficient solutions.

Tailored AI to Fit Your Needs

WriteGPT allows customization by creating variables, defining terminology, setting up property hierarchies, establishing rules, designing workflows, and crafting content templates.

Enhanced Security for Peace of Mind

WriteGPT values privacy and ensures confidential handling of shared information in prompts or documents.

Multilingual Support

WriteGPT supports multiple languages to cater to a global user base.

Simplified Interaction with a Shortcut

Accessing WriteGPT is as easy as pressing Ctrl+Y or CMD+E, launching the sidebar for instant AI assistance.

Chat Directly with Websites

WriteGPT enables real-time chat with any website, eliminating the need for navigating menus or tutorials.

Getting Started

Try WriteGPT for free or explore different plans to revolutionize your writing and work online.

For more information, visit the WriteGPT Official Site to learn about the product, pricing options, and the company.

Add WriteGPT to Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, or Brave and start writing smarter with AI-powered assistance.