Transform Your Spaces Like Never Before with AI-based Interior Design

Discover how AI-based interior design can revolutionize the way we enhance our living spaces.

Step 1: Envision Your Perfect Room

Imagine your ideal room and style.

Step 2: Capture Your Current Space

Take a photo of the room you want to transform.

Step 3: Instant Makeovers At Your Command

Select a style and room type, upload your photo, and let the AI provide a restyled version of your room.

Real-world Applications

AI interior design can be used by real estate agents to showcase properties virtually and help homeowners visualize renovations.

Privacy and Cost

Photos are only used for the intended room makeover and are deleted after 48 hours. Pricing starts at $9.99.


AI interior design combines creativity, convenience, and practicality to redefine our living spaces with the help of artificial intelligence.

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