The Omnia 3D Model Generator

The Omnia 3D Model Generator is a powerful AI tool that can create 3D models for the furniture industry.


  • Visualize: Bring design ideas to life and see how they would look.
  • Create: Generate 3D assets by starting with a text prompt.
  • Bring ideas to life: Helpful for interior designers, furniture makers, and related industries.

How it works

Simply start with a text prompt and watch as the Omnia 3D Model Generator creates your furniture designs.


  • Fast and efficient model generation based on AI.
  • Turn design inspiration into reality quickly.

Future developments

The tool is being expanded to support more industries in the future.

How to use

Upload your images and wait for the model generation to happen.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions apply.


  • Easy and efficient way to visualize and create 3D models.
  • AI-based model generation ensures quick and accurate outputs.


Currently optimized for the furniture industry, but support for other industries will be available soon.